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Westside Test Anxiety Scale 

The Westside Scale is found to be a valid measure of test anxiety impairment, and is becoming increasingly popular.

See: Driscoll, R. (2007). Westside Test Anxiety Scale Validation. 6pp. ERIC   onSite

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Test Anxiety Reduction

Anxiety reduction benefits attained in 7 consecutive studies involving 118 students compare favorably to standard therapist-administered protocols.  

Driscoll, R. (2006), STARS-PAC Accelerated Anxiety Reduction: Rationale and Initial Findings. 18 pp. ERIC  onSite

     C. Crews, J. Froeschle, & R. Driscoll. (2011) The Test-Anxiety Reduction Program.  In T. Fitch & J. Marshall (Eds.). Group Work and Outreach Guide for College Counselors. Alexandria, VA: American Counseling Association, p.33-42..

Consistent Test Gains in Controlled Studies

Summary:  The confidence training program improves test scores by half a letter grade (12 percentile points) for highly anxious college students, and by just under a quarter letter grade for middle school students. 


18 percentile ( lettter grade) gains among 12 college students, half of them on academic probation.   

Driscoll, R., B. Holt, L. Hunter (2005). Accelerated Desensitization and Adaptive Attitudes Interventions and Test Gains with Academic Probation Students. 13pp . ERIC,  onSite

12+ percentile ( letter grade) test gains on standardized HESI exam.

Ginger Evans, G.Ramsey, R. Driscoll (2010). Test-Anxiety Program and Test Gains with Nursing Students.  7pp., ERIConSite.

14 percentile ( letter grade) test gains among 6 struggling students.  

Driscoll, R. & B. Holt (2012).  Automated Anxiety Control Promotes Student Retention. A Replication.  3pp. ERIC,  onSite 

8+ percentile grade gains among 12 college students.

Bowman, Noah & R. Driscoll. Test Anxiety Reduction and Confidence Training:  A Replication.  Jan, 3pp.  Accepted by ERIC  onSite

Intermediate Schools 

7 percentile gains were attained for 22 fifth grade students on the Tenn. state  comprehensive tests (TCAPS).   

Melanie Miller, J. Morton, R. Driscoll & K. A. Davis (2006). Accelerated Desensitization with Adaptive Attitudes and Test Gains with 5th Graders. 14pp. ERIC onSite  

4 percentile test gains with 6th grade students. 

Related Research

An early component analysis indicates that exposure, strenuous activity, and positive images all contribute significantly to overall anxiety-reduction benefits

Driscoll, R. (1976). Anxiety Reduction Using Physical Exertion and Positive Images. The Psychological Record, 26, 87-94.  on site

Nursing Students Are found to be Highly Test Anxious

Driscoll, R., G. Evans, G. Ramsey, S. Wheeler (2009). High Test Anxiety among Nursing Students. 3pp. ERIC onSite

In Progress

Pearlie Miller, Troy University, study with nursing students planned for Fall 2015.    334-876-9341

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